Game Room Basement Design

For people with large families it can sometimes be difficult to have a room that holds the games that they all enjoy to play. Everyone needs a special room that holds all of the toys for the younger children as well as the older ones. Rather then using a small space in the office or a closet create a game room in your basement.

There are several different ways that you can design this depending on how large your basement is. If you have a basement that is split into two rooms (one large and the other small) then it is easy enough to create space to hold the toys for younger children as well as any gaming consoles for your older children.

Before you are able to transform the basement into a game room you need to make sure that it is clean and safe to use. Lay down carpeting or tile flooring that they are able to play on safely. Because of how cold it will get you might want to lay down area rugs that the kids can play on.

Go through the basement and make sure that any wires or loose pipes are covered and insulated properly. Any leaks in the floors or walls must be repaired immediately. Otherwise it will be a breeding ground for mildew and will make people sick.

When creating the ideal game room basement design you have to think about the whole family. If you have enough space why not put a dartboard and pool table for when you have guests. Also place small couches or lounge chairs in front of a spare television. This will allow your teens to play their favorite Xbox games without cutting into your television shows.

For the younger children you can create a safe area for them to play with their favorite toys. In the middle of the area place a rug that they can play on safely. To keep their toys from becoming lost and broken try to store them inside a Rubbermaid or other storage boxes.

The basement is one of the darkest rooms in the house. Make sure that you have lighting throughout the whole area. Try to use a ceiling light in each room in the basement and maybe a few tall lights as well. If you are afraid that the tall lights will b in the way or easily knocked over then try to install recessed lighting in the ceiling.