Home Gym Basement Design

More and more people have the desire to get in shape and do what needs to be done to eat healthy and exercise. The only problem with this is that it is often too difficult for us to find the time to drive out to the nearest gym in our area and work out for an hour or two before we have to drive back home.

Rather then putting money into a gym that you may only visit once or twice a month why not invest in a home gym that you can design in your basement? The great thing about this is that you will have plenty of space to store a treadmill or elliptical, free weights, yoga mats, and even some weight machines.

Many of us when we begin to convert the basement into something will try to lay down some type of carpet. However, when it comes to the home gym basement design we suggest that you keep the cement floors or lay down some type of tiles. The heavy machinery will ruin the carpeting very quickly and any sweat will stain it.

In order to make it a true workout room that will push you to do your best and help you to notice the results you will want to set up mirrors along all or one wall. This is similar to what the local gym will use. If you are on a tight budget try to use them along just one wall.

On the other walls you will want to use a light colored paint. The neutral colors like tan, light brown, and white are the best to use. This will help to open the room up and will help you to feel awake and energized during your exercises. When you use dark colors it will make the room feel smaller and make you feel tired.

One of the hardest things that many of us have when it comes to working out is not finding the right type of inspiration needed. Try to put up a small television in a corner of the room where you can watch a movie or your television show. If music is better inspiration then set up a small area where you can place your stereo system and blare the music.

Make sure that you have plenty of space to move and store all of your equipment. Any pipes should be covered and water leaks must be fixed. Also make sure to wipe down the equipment after you have used it. Otherwise you will have a mold problem.