Home Theater Basement Design

Many of us love movies and will spend hundreds of dollars in tickets and concession food. We love the ability that we get to watch the latest action, horror, or romantic comedy on a screen that is four times the size of the one that we have at home and with surround sound that could beat anything that we could use.

One of the best ways to make that dream come true is to create a home theater in your basement. The basement is usually larger then any room inside of your home and is also one of the darkest. In most homes there are no windows and if there are any they are usually quite small and can be easily hidden.

Before you start to transform it you need to make sure that you have the proper flooring laid down and that any exposed pipes are properly insulated and covered. An unfinished basement will pose many problems to your home and will create an odd look to your new theater room. When you finish it you will prevent any leaks from occurring and causing the equipment and furniture to become ruined.


The layout of the home theater basement design should be one that is comfortable and open. The screen that you will use will be similar to that found in a regular theater though it might not be as large. Set the screen against a wall that will provide you with enough space to situate a comfortable couch and lounge chairs.

In the back of the basement you can create a bar area with a popcorn machine and your favorite drinks. You want to keep this small so it doesn’t take up too much space. Remember that you still need to find room for cabinets that will hold all of the DVD equipment, stereo system, and movies.


When you have installed all of the equipment and created the right layout for your new home theater basement design you are ready to put in the furniture. While it would be ideal to use the theater chairs this is not practical. Instead try to find a couch that reclines and has cup holders for everyone using it. These are much more comfortable and provide more seating area.

Like with any theater you have to make sure that the lighting is minimal. The basement makes the perfect home theater for exactly this reason. Try to use small recessed lights around the ceilings and the bar area. You still need to see what you are eating and drinking during the movie.