Spare Bedroom Basement Design

When we purchase a home we always try to have enough rooms for us, each of our children, and anyone who comes to visit. For many of us this is not always possible. Whether it is because we have had more kids or simply because there is not enough room in the house. The best solution to this problem is create the spare bedroom in the basement.

At first this idea seems odd. After all the basement is one of the darkest and coldest rooms in the home so why would we have someone sleep down there? With a little bit of money, hard work, and patience you will be able to create a room that looks great and one that even your kids will want to sleep in.


This is going to be the biggest and most unique basement design that you will ever use because you have to create a space that someone can live in. The first thing you need to do is to install the necessary lighting and ventilation system. You want people to be able to control the temperature in the room so that they are not freezing when they stay.

Make sure that the unit you purchase will be enough for the size of the room and not any bigger. Otherwise you will lose a lot of money in the amount of energy that it will be consuming. If you can try to save money by connecting it to the main air conditioner used throughout the rest of the home.

In many basements there are no windows so it is up to you to use the right type of lighting to brighten up the space. Try to install ceiling fan lights in the center of the room. You can also place a few more lamps around the tables nearby or use tall lamp lights.

When deciding on what flooring you wish to use you can be creative. You can put carpeting down – but this will be expensive and take some time. Why not paint the cement floor a color that will match the room. Then you can purchase a large area rug that will lie in the center of the room.

They key to a properly designed spare bedroom basement is to make it as comfortable as possible. Position the bed on the farthest wall to allow for enough walking space and try to use colors that are neutral and calming. If you want to make it more flexible then use a futon bed. This will allow you to use the room as an office or a place where you can simply relax.